NYCC: Next ‘Picard’ trailer generates more Trek nostalgia…

The latest trailer for the much-anticpated 'Picard' series impressed audiences at the New York Comic Con...

With Star Trek entering a resurgence, there’s been lots to talk about and several projects on the horizon. Though the likes of Discovery have had mixed reactions from the fanbase (largely positive but with some gnashing of teeth), it seems everyone is on board, at least so far, for Picard – the new CBS All Access show that sees a new challenge for the famous captain of the Enterprise and weaves together several story strands from previous parts of the franchise, bringing back various familiar faces.

The latest trailer for the show, which debuted at the New York Comic Con, boasts the likes of Brent Spiner as Data, Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker, Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi  and  Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine. There also seems to be more than a hint of a link to the previous threat of the Borg and Picard seriously questioning the current status of Star Fleet.  But perhaps most importantly, there seems to be some real heart to this: combining strong visual effects with an emotional core that goes further than just basic nostalgia. Yorkshire-born star Patrick Stewart always said he was up for returning to the role but would need a good reason and story to do so.

It looks like he might have found them.

The new voyage begins on 23rd January 2020