Will Padalecki be Chuck’s super, natural successor?

'Walker: Texas Ranger' retains its cult status as a staple action show of the 1990s. Now it's getting a reboot...

Though we’re in an era where more people know Chuck Norris as an internet meme rather than an active action star, there’s little doubt that the outspoken actor was a significant part of the genre – from his appearance alongside Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon all the way through hundreds of home video and DVD releases, to his cameo in The Expendables franchise. There are few people who won’t have seen one of his projects over the years. One of the key entries along the way was Walker, Texas Ranger , the CBS series that ran from 1993 to 2001 and in which Norris essayed the title character of no-nonsense Texas Ranger Cordell Walker.

It now looks as if the premise is being dusted off as a complete reboot and the actor in the frame to play the role is none other than Jared Padalecki, who will finish his run as Sam Winchester (alongside Jensen Ackles as sibling Dean) in Supernatural when the show winds down its fifteen years of demon-fighting this coming season.  Texas-born Padalecki’s version will be a ‘broken widower and father’ who comes home to Austin, Texas after a lengthy undercover assignment and finds new challenges to face.

Industry site Deadline notes that while it will be produced by CBS Studios – and could be shown on the CBS network – it is still unclear where the series will eventually make its debut. Another early contender is The CW, which is also the home of Supernatural. It will be written and produced by  Anna Fricke (Valor) and executive produced by Dan Lin (Lethal Weapon) and Dan Spilo (Sunnyside). Padalecki will also act as an Executive Producer.