Development Hell? The Shape of Pin(head) series to come…

If you like tv, you should put a Pin on it.... and a Hellraiser tv series?

It looks as if yet another film franchise may be heading to television. After ten Hell-raising widescreen chapters, Pinhead and his horror cohorts will likely make it to the smaller screen in a version of the Hellraiser mythology. Ready Player One producer Dan Farah and It producer Roy Lee will be joining forces with the current Hellraiser rights-holders for some brand new stories.

The apparent intention, according to industry site Deadline, is to take aspects of the previous feature films and the Clive Barker novel The Hellbound Heart and relaunch it, possibly as a kind of anthology series – though it’s early-days and the format may change or evolve. The Hellraiser movies began with the opening of a magical box that allows strange creatures such as the Cenobites and their leader Pinhead (played by veteran genre actor Doug Bradley) into our world and the first film rapidly became a cult success. More recent additions to the film series have suffered from low-budgets and decreasing expectations, but the Pinhead make-up is still iconic.

There are no details on casting or what platform the show may eventually end up on, but the statement of intent and the people involved should warm the cold, cold heart of Hellraiser fans…