To Hell with Hulu – Marvel to launch ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Hellstrom’ series…

Two profanely profitable characters are set to join Marvel's televisual line-up in 2020...

With Marvel reigning supreme at the international box-office, it seems that the company and its characters are in no mood to take a rest. hulu , the platform that’s 60% owned by Disney is the current home of another Marvel tie-in, Runaways and has announced two more live-action series that will be appearing on the platform next year – and they both have a devilish connection.

Ghost Rider has already made it to the cinema screen in two movies starring Nicolas Cage. Cage played the original Johnny Blaze character, a motorcycle-riding stuntman who sells his soul to Mephisto for what he thinks are honourable reasons but then finds himself doomed to become the flaming-skulled  ‘Spirit of Vengeance’, roaming the Earth to punish the guilty and bring escaped demons back to Hell. The films received mix reviews. More recently, the Ghost Rider character appeared in Agents of SHIELD, using the persona of Marvel‘s (technically) fifth character to take the mantle, Robbie Reyes  (played by Gabriel Luna) whose vehicle of choice was a flaming car rather than bike.  It is understood that the new hulu version will go with the Reyes version of the character, once again played by Luna, though it seems this ‘new iteration’ will not be tied to the direct screen history established in the SHIELD stories.

In Marvel‘s Helstrom comics, Daimon and Satana Helstrom were the son and daughter of a sinister serial-killer with their own occult connections, but they pledged to hunt down the worst of humanity and send them to infernal damnation  It’s believed that the series will follow similar characters, though the sister will be re-named Ana and it’s possible that Daimon’s other moniker ‘Son of Satan’ might also be avoided for obvious reasons.  Daimon first appeared in the Ghost Rider comic-book, so it would seem there’s a tentative plan to connect these two supernatural hulu series together.

There’s no casting news on Hellstrom as yet, but production should start later this year on both shows for a 2020 debut.