Safe Harbour: Hellboy teams up with Black Widow…

Not a late April Fool, Hellboy star David Harbour is, indeed, set to join the overdue Marvel movie...

It looks like David Harbour is going to have a busy 2019. This month he will take the title role in the revamped Hellboy, acting under several layers of prosthetic make-up and he will, of course, be reprising his role of Sheriff Jim Hopper in the third season of Netflix‘s break-out hit Stranger Things which returns 4th July.

However, industry site the Hollywood Reporter is now revealing that Harbour is the latest actor to join another prominent superhero franchise, appearing alongside Scarlett Johansson  in the much anticipated and long overdue Black Widow movie.

The film starts shooting in London in June with Australian Cate Shortland (Lore) as director.  There are no details, as yet, about Harbour’s exact role in the Black Widow film, but as the film is believed to trace the early days of Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and her training under the KGB, he may well prove to be one of her taskmasters. Florence Pugh has already been announced as a co-star and there are rumours that Rachel Weisz might also be in line for a role.

The Black Widow solo-outing has been discussed since Johansson appeared way back in Iron Man 2, but finally got the greenlight in the last few months and expectations have been raised by the considerable success of Marvel‘s first solo female outing Captain Marvel which, this week, passed $1 billion at the worldwide box-office.