(GOT teaser) – HBO shows how to trail your dragons…

'Game of Thrones' returns in April and we're slowly learning a little more of what to expect from its final run...

It’s just over a month until the most highly-anticipated  series of 2019 debuts its final run…. we talk, of course, about Game of Thrones reaching its truly epic conclusion with a run of ninety-minute episodes and all the surviving characters facing choices about the allegiances and chances of making through the battle to come.

HBO have been doing an excellent job of drop-feeding and teasing elements of what we can expect – including an unexpectedly dark Super Bowl promotion with Budweiser – but have generally managed to keep all their secrets close to their armoured chest and, with the exception of those involved in the production, no-one seems to have any real idea of how things will end.

However, HBO dropped their most significant clues this morning with a major trailer for the series which returns to screens on 14th April.  Dragons, armies, vast vistas and rugged mountains and a darkness rising amongst the humans and the undead White walkers that could bring the people of Westeros together or tear them apart forever.

I know Death – he’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one…” says Arya (Maisie Williams).

So do we all.