CBS gives Paradise a parking lot with third season of ‘Discovery’…

As the Trek universe expands, CBS confirms they're also giving the nod to a third season of 'Star Trek: Discovery'...

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery is well into its run on CBS All Access (and Netflix in other territories), but news outlets including are confirming that a third season of the show has now been officially given the go ahead and that Michelle Paradise (The Originals, Hart of Dixie)  will be serving as the co-showrunner alongside Alex Kurtzman.

Paradise came on board the show during the current run and the formalising of her position makes sense given the workload that Kurtzman has with the burgeoning Trek empire that seems to be happening. The third season of Discovery and new projects such as the Patrick Stewart-led Picard, two seasons ordered for the animated Lower Decks and the Michelle Yeoh spin-off about the more murky and ruthless Section 31 are all likely to be on the screen at various points over the next eighteen months.

“Michelle joined us midway through season two and energized the room with her ferocious knowledge of ‘Trek,’” said Kurtzman in a statement. “Her grasp of character and story detail, her drive and her focus have already become essential in ensuring the ‘Trek’ legacy, and her fresh perspective always keeps us looking forward. I’m proud to say Michelle and I are officially running ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ together.”