‘Bad Boys’ tv spin-off shut down after show-runners hurt…

The female-led series spin-off of the original Will Smith / Martin Lawrence movie halted production after a car hit the crew...

The Bad Boys spin-off television series, LA’s Finest, featuring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba has had a bumpy road to screen after being proposed by NBC only for them to pass and then the premise be picked up by Charter Communicaiton’s Spectrum platform for a May 2019 premiere.

Union reprises her role of Sydney Burnett from Bad Boys 2, transferring from Miami to Los Angeles and teaming up with fellow cop and working mother Nancy McKenna (Alba) and targeting the main players in the city’s drug cartels. But industry site Deadline is reporting that – with only a few days of filming left to finish its initial production order –  shooting on the show has been shut down, albeit temporarily, after a serious accident on the set on Thursday night.

Apparently a stunt went wrong and several people were injured when the scene, involving a car crashing into a crate, led to either the car or debris hitting the ‘video village’ where monitors were set up for the director and production crew. A statement confirmed that two people were ferried to local hospitals with injuries, one apparently more serious. The two people were later identified as producers Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier. Margolis was later released with Sonnier transferred to another facility. It was confirmed on 27th February that Sonnier had to have a leg amputated below the knee.

An investigation into the incident has been opened.