No Season Three? Reality means ‘Counterpart’ needs new home…

It has received rave reviews, but if 'Counterpart' is not to blink out of existence, it will need a new reality...

Though largely a big success in critical terms – though middling ratings when viewed through the proportionate audience for cable – Starz‘  cerebral spy-fi drama Counterpart will not continue in its current home after the current second season finishes next week.

The series features Academy Award winner J. K. Simmons  as Howard Silk, a man caught up in the political machinations of governments in two parallel realities and one of the few people aware of the split.  One version of Howard is a lowly government paper-pusher, the other a highly-trained operative and as they find themselves on the wrong sides of the dimensional-passageway, they learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses… while trying to survive their superiors’ subversive plans.

The cast contracts – agreed when the show was immediately commissioned for two seasons – actually ran out at the end of last year, but had been extended while final decisions were being made and options explored.  Series creator Justin Marks confirmed the announcement on twitter, noting that the plan is still to try and find a new home for the drama, though that has not been possible so far.

“It’s been an absolute dream for this team … we got to make exactly the show we wanted to … perfect cast, perfect crew on two continents … and we’re so grateful to our network for the time we had. Thank you to everyone who made this journey so special for us. Your tweets, podcasts and intricate conspiracy theories have made it all worthwhile. Fingers crossed that our wonderful studio, MRC (Media Rights Capital), can find a way to keep the dream alive!”