Nevsky and Dacascos re-team for ‘Maximum Impact’…

If you thought diplomatic relationship between Russia and the US were problematic - you ain't seen nothing yet...

Alexander Nevsky, described by some as the Russian equivalent to Arnold Schwarzenegger, leads a cast that also includes Mark Dacascos, Danny Trejo, Kelly Hu, Eric Roberts, Matthias Hues, Tom Arnold and William Baldwin for the mismatched martial-arts action thriller Maximum Impact. The film has just been firmed up for a US release date (28th September for cinemas and DVD the following month) courtesy of Unified Pictures. Nevsky is also acting as an executive producer.

The plot sees the grand-daughter of the US Secretary of State being kidnapped during a trip to Moscow, forcing a set of US agents and their local counterparts to put aside their cultural differences and track own the guilty party.  Nevsky, who started getting international notice after finding his niche in middle-budget  international action projects such as Moscow Heat (alongside  Michael York and Adrian Paul) and Treasure Raiders (with David Carradine and Sherilyn Fenn) previously worked with Mark Dacascos and Hues on the action film Showdown in Manila, which Dacascos directed.