‘Westworld’ assured violent delights for Season Three…

It's no real surprise that Westworld has been formally renewed for a third season...

Its only just returned for its second season but news is coming in that HBO‘s Westworld has now been formally renewed for a third season, most likely to be shown in 2019 or possibly – given the long-production schedule – early 2020.

The series, based on the classic book/film by Michael Crichton, details an ‘entertainment’ site which populates its environment with life-like automatons with which vistors can indulge all their fantasies… and what happens when those ‘robots’ suddenly fail to follow their directives.  The show has shifted perspectives so that we can somewhat sympathise with the creations as they rebel against their programming and the whims of their makers. With its mixture of stories, timelines and mythological morality – not to mention explicit nudity, violence and language – Westworld has been a major critical success for HBO and the news of the assured future comes as no great surprise.