SDCC – ‘The Gifted’ trailer (FOX Series)…

Fox's new show 'The Gifted' pitches a family on the run from mutant-trackers...

Marvel had a major presence at this year’s SDCC – at least in the television department. One of the projects that the studio (and FOX) are eager to promote is The Gifted.

It’s the story of the government hunting down potential mutants. There’s something of a conflict of interest when Reed Strucker (True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer), one of the lead hunters suddenly has to face that his kids  Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes ) are mutants and are now targets. He, the kids and wife Caitlin (Angel / Person of Interest‘s Amy Acker) are forced to go on the run, but will an existing band of mutant fugitives trust them?

The series also features  Sean Teale (as Eclipse), Jamie Chung (as Blink), Blair Redford (as Thunderbird), Emma Dumont (as Polaris) and Coby Bell as Jace Turner. The pilot also features a cameo by Stan Lee.

The film refers to The X-Men and is closer to Fox‘s cinema take on the Marvel Universe than the ‘Marvel Studios‘ movie line. Moyer commented that it fits, if not quite exactly, between the events of Legion and the climactic Logan at least in intent – though the X-Men continuity itself is something of a mess…

The series debuts on 2nd October on FOX