CW’s ‘Batwoman’ will launch new lead/character for S2…

When 'Batwoman' returns to screens next season there will be a new lead and a new identity for the hero...

Online site ‘Decider‘ has claimed that the revamp of The CW‘s Batwoman series will likely be bigger than first believed. Ruby Rose, who plated Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin and the alter-ego of the female crime fighter, announced her exit from the show just after the last broadcast episode of the first season. Though she said it was her own choice, other sources say it was a mutual decision amid rumours that Rose was not enjoying the role. She had also been seriously injured on set and was reported to be unhappy.¬† The CW announced that they would be recasting the role for the already-confirmed second season. Rose denied some of the more specific rumours and thanked everyone involved in the show.

Now it looks as if rather than simply recasting Kate Kane, the plan is to create a new character who will take over the Batwoman mission.¬† Decider – presenting a casting notice (which as since been taken down) – says the new character is being referred to as ‘Ryan Wilder’ and will be several years younger than Rose/Kane, probably in her early/mid twenties. The casting notes for the character refer to her as ‘likable, messy, a little goofy and untamednothing like Kate Kane, the woman who wore the batsuit before her…’ The second season will explain how and why the character, an ex-junkie with strong fighting abilities, but equally undisciplined, is getting her life back together’ and takes on the mantle. Like Kane before her, the character will be a lesbian and The CW is actively searching within the LGBTQ community for a strong actor and advocate.

It is not known when the recasting will be complete nor when the show will return to air, though original plans were early in 2021…

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