All Linc’d Up: Connelly’s Lawyer heads for series adaptation…

After the success of 'Bosch', another of Michael Connelly's literary characters looks like they will be making the move to television...

Michael Connelly has consistently produced best-selling procedural thrillers, featuring the likes of characters such as Mickey Haller, retired detective Harry Bosch and new character, detective Rachel Ballard, all of whom circle each other and occasionally interconnect in the same literary ‘Connellyverse’. Haller was portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in the big-screen adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer and more recently Harry Bosch has been played by Titus Welliver in the ongoing Amazon series entitled Bosch –  which recently finished its fifth season and has been renewed.

News comes that Haller will also be getting the series treatment. David E. Kelley – best known for legal shows like  LA Law, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and The Practise and more recently Big Little Lies – is teaming up with CBS after actively pursuing the rights to the books. There had been talks of doing a series for some time, especially after the success of The Lincoln Lawyer film but these didn’t go forward. Now the series, which is also likely to be called The Lincoln Lawyer, looks to have some serious momentum. The book, film and potential full series get their name from the fact that Mickey Haller does a lot of business form his Lincoln town-car rather than a plush-office. Haller has a code of conduct and a tendency to help the under-dog but his tactics are somewhat questionable and that’s sometimes brought him into conflict with his half-brother Harry Bosch who usually wants things done by the book – though they’ve worked several cases together over the years.

The Bosch show has interwoven several of the Connelly novel plots into its story-arcs, but it isn’t known at this point if The Lincoln Lawyer will have a similar tactic or whether its first (hopefully of many) seasons will be its own entity or follow the original novel’s plot.  It would be unlikely, given the different platforms – though in this age not absolutely impossible – that the series could crossover characters as they have done in the novels. There’s no news on casting at the moment though if the series continues with its current momentum, that could e an element announced within a few months for a 2020 premiere…

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