HBO: Goodbye Westeros, Hello Westworld…

HBO waves goodbye to one of its cornerstone shows, but gives a tease for the return of another...

For a series that keeps reinventing ways to explore its core-programming, Westworld‘s third season looks set to do the same with a teaser trailer that debuted alongside the finale of HBO‘s other world-building epic, Game of Thrones.  Yet both shows could still be defined with the former’s well-worn phrase ‘These violent delights have violent ends…

With only the briefest of glimpses inside the actual titular park at the centre of the franchise, it appears that the new season will follow through on the end of Season Two’s promise of having several of the lifelike robots out in the real world, but now firmly operating under their own agenda.

Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul is a new, as yet unnamed character bemoaning his lot and skirting the law. So far the focus has been on the interior of the park and the growing rebellion – often revealed in non-linear plotlines. Now we get to see more of the outer world, a shiny cityscape not unlike our own but with higher tec and get an idea that while that technology is impressive it really doesn’t solve all problems.  As Paul’s character notes: ‘…sometimes it seems like the world looks all right…like they put a coat of paint on it, but inside it’s rotting to pieces…

We’re guessing Rachel Evan Wood may have something to say about that.

The series is currently in production and the plan is to air it in 2020.

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