Discovery: Mount and Romijn won’t trek to Season Three…

As expected, with the current story-arc ending at the end of the season, Captain Pike will head back to a date with destiny aboard the Enterprise...

In a shocking piece of news that will shock…. well…. no-one with even a passing knowledge of Star Trek lore, CBS have confirmed that neither Anson Mount nor Rebecca Romijn will be returning to their ‘All Access‘ flagship Discovery for the now confirmed third season of the show.

Mount currently plays Captain Christopher Pike who was brought in to Season Two of Discovery to oversee the ship’s search for the origins of a cosmic disturbance known as the Red Angel, but the character was previously established in continuity as the predecessor to Captain James T. Kirk (For those who don’t know, Pike was actually the Captain in the first Trek pilot The Cage before a second pilot, with William Shatner’s Kirk, was shot and some of The Cage footage used in a later, much-acclaimed two-parter The Menagerie).

Though a small number of naysayers had predicted that the Discovery was in trouble after Mount and co-star Ethan Peck joked about being ‘unemployed’, most rational people had taken that tweet to simply mean that filming on their season had ended and their story-arcs had been completed (and they were off back to the Enterprise) rather than the show itself , which has been getting solid reviews and ratings, being in any difficulties. Subsequently, CBS did indeed confirm Discovery would – as generally expected -return for a third run next year.

It is interesting that CBS‘ confirmation also includes a formal announcement Romijn is not returning. Though she played the character ‘Number One’ (originally played in The Cage by Majel Rodenberry), the character and actress has only appeared in one episode of Discovery thus far, (An Obal for Charon) and it was little more than a singular easter-egg cameo rather than the main casting announcement originally suggested. Indicating she won’t feature in the next season might indicate we’ll see more of her in the last few episodes of this season, otherwise it seems strange to have mentioned her at all, as there’d be no reason for her to appear.¬† Though Ethan Peck (Spock) wasn’t mentioned, it’s presumed that he too will depart at the end of the current run for the same reasons.

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