HBO confirms more minute details of GOT’s farewell…

There's still a veil of secrecy over the plot, but the full dates and running times of 'Game of Thrones' last season are now known...

You know nothing, Jon Snow!  (But we know a little bit more…)

Though remaining sworn to secrecy on plot developments and the fates of the main characters (safe bet: there will be blood!) HBO have now confirmed the dates and running times of the very final season of Game of Thrones and as expected some of those episodes will be almost feature-length.

The first of the final six episodes will hit HBO screens on – as previously announced – 29th April (for 54 minutes) and then the season will run on consecutive Sundays through to the finale on 19th May. The second episode runs to 58 minutes, the third dramatically longer at 82 minutes; the fourth episode is 78 minutes with the finale coming in at 80 minutes). By our reckoning, that’s a grand total of over 350 minutes of Westeros goodliness (and badliness) over a single month.

Now…. if George R R Martin could just finish the actual books…

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