New ‘Agents of SHIELD’ summer trailer gets Phil-ibustered…

Phil Coulson is 'dead', but that doesn't mean Clark Gregg won't offer some stiff opposition for SHIELD's sixth season this summer...

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD received a late renewal from ABC and won’t actually be back on screens until the summer (probably July). But, on the positive side, that will allow it to side-step some of the issues raised by (and events between) the two cosmic Avengers movies and the infamous Thanos finger ‘snap’.

One of the other questions was to whether Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) would be back in the show. In the previous season it was revealed that the ‘resurrection’ he received after the events of the first Avengers movies was temporary and that he was slowly dying. Having to choose between saving the Earth and saving Coulson, Daisy was forced to pick the former and Coulson went off to spend his final days with May in Tahiti as his body started to give up.   Early teasers seemingly confirmed Coulson’s demise but a look at this early teaser for Season Six of the show confirms that even with Mac (Henry Simmons) in charge, Gregg’s presence will still be felt on both sides of the camera (he’s also planning to direct an episode).

So is Coulson really dead?  Is he even mostly dead? What this will mean is anybody’s guess at this point, but it seems that though foreshortened (the new run will only have thirteen episodes rather than the usual twenty-two, but a further seventh season for 2020 has already been confirmed), the season has some significant foreshadowing of interesting times to come…

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