‘Stranger Things’ asserts its altered states of Independence…

Fans will have to wait until halfway through 2019 for their next dose of Netflix's hit series 'Stranger Things'...

Though fans had hoped that the third season of cult Netflix hit Stranger Things might have debuted before the end of 2018, the show was pushed back and it has been announced that the new run will begin on 4th July 2019 – Independence Day in the United States.

We know snippets of information regarding the new season but not how all the details fit together.  Many of the main cast will be returning, including Millie Bobbie Brown (soon to be seen in the new Godzilla: King of Monsters movie, David Harbour (soon to be seen in the new Hellboy film) and Winona Ryder. The story will be set during the summer of 1985 and there will be eight episodes with their respective titles being: Suzie, Do You Copy?, The Mall Rats, The Case of the Missing Lifeguard, The Sauna Test, The Source, The Birthday, The Bite and The Battle of Starcourt. Some of those titles would seem to indicate that al lot of the action will take place in and around the local shopping mall, especially as it is referenced in promotional material.

The details regarding the timing of the new series were released in enigmatic fashion on New Year’s Eve and reproduce a 1984-1985 NYE broadcast from Times Square being interrupted by computer code. It’s not known what phrases such as ‘When blue and yellow meet in the west’ (a reference to the clothing shown in the image above?) and  ‘silver-cat-feeds’ could mean but their prominence suggests they will factor in to the story in some significant way…




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