Marvel’s ‘New Mutants’ in Limbo until 2019…

Marvel comic-related movies remain firmly on the schedule, but some of Fox's mutants may have to wait a while...

Originally due to be released by Fox on 13th April 2018, The New Mutants has now had its due-date pushed back all the way to February 2019. This is partly in reaction to several other Marvel-related movies needing to course-correct their release plans.

The long-proposed Gambit movie remains troubled with the news it has once again lost a potential director (Gore Verbinski stepped off the project earlier this month after Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt also bailed) and its release now likely to move from February 2019 to June 2019.  Deadpool 2 is actually moving to 18th May 2018 from its original June date, hoping to score some points ahead of  Solo: A Star Wars Story  which opens the following week). The next X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix is, so far, staying put with its proposed November 2018 release.

But it’s the New Mutants shift that is the most significant, especially given that promotion was already well ndnerway for its release with a well-received trailer having debuted in late 2017.

Originally released as a spin-off from the X-Men comic in the early 1980s, it detailed a group of younger children who had developed mutant abilities and were being taught by Professor X when the original team went missing.

Directed by The Fault in our Stars helmer Josh Boone the new film takes a similar idea but without such a distinct link to the X-Men. Instead it goes for a horror vibe with a group of kids held in an isolated and rather sinister hospital because of their powers and how they plan their escape. Those familiar with the comic will recognise some of the characters and the actors portraying them – as seen in the homage to the famous ‘Highway to HellAC/DC cover above. Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams takes the role of Rahne Sinclair, a young Catholic girl who thinks her lycanthropic transformation is the work of evil forces, Split’s Anya Taylor Joy is Illyana Rasputin a character who, in the comics, was kidnapped by actual demons and raised in a hell dimension before being rescued and using her powers  – combined with magic – against evil.  Charlie Heaton – seen most recently in Stranger Things – plays Sam Guthrie. Blu Hunt plays Native American Danielle Moonstar whose psychic abilities and horrifying visions may be the pivot of the story. Alice Braga and Henry Zaga also feature.

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